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What is a forex trading robot?

A Forex trading robot is a specialized program that can independently, automatically analyze the market and trade on the FOREX market based on the analysis. Such a robot connects to the MT4 trading terminal and can trade automatically for you according to the specified settings. You just need to follow his work and make a profit.

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Why am I working with a Forex4you broker?

More than 10 years as a leading Forex broker
Licensed and regulated by FSC
More than a million accounts worldwide
5 asset classes with more than 150 CFD instruments
Exclusive performance thanks to proprietary technology
Annual audit by KPMG
Several trading platforms: MetaTrader 4, Forex4you mobile, Forex4you WebTrader и Forex4you Desktop

Registration on the official website of Forex4you
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Why am I working with a broker RoboForex?

Advantages of the Roboforex broker:
1. Trading leverage 1: 2000
2. The commission for input and output is zero
3. Cash back
4. More than 900 thousand trading accounts opened
5. Bonus up to 50% on deposit
6. Website in 18 languages
7. 10 tier affiliate program
8. Ability to copy transactions
9. Ability to invest in universal strategies
10. Regulated activity with license IFSC / 60/271 / TS
11. Segregated accounts in the largest banks of the world
12. Reliability proven over 9 years of flawless performance
13. Trade in robots is welcome!
14. Trading platforms: MT4, MT5, cTrader

Registration on the official RoboForex website
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Why this particular robot?

This trading robot has a good potential and a trading strategy that has been used for more than one year and brings stable profits to thousands of buyers. It is very important that the developer of a trading robot is constantly working to improve and perfect its algorithm and trading strategy. Constant analysis and monitoring of the market situation is ongoing, which is constantly in motion and changing. Based on the analysis, improvements and updates are carried out, which are transferred to the buyers of the trading robot for free. Also a big advantage is the technical support, closed chats for buyers and recommendations provided by the developer.

The whole algorithm of actions for installing the robot is available for this link

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Why am I selling this robot?

First of all, because I use the trading robot myself, I know its capabilities and I am satisfied with the result that I get from its work. I know what instrument I sell and how much I can earn with it. The most important thing for me and many of my clients is that investment money is not transferred somewhere to some fund or offshore account of a project, pyramid scheme or hype, but is on their personal account with a broker and is under full control. Money can be withdrawn at any time and this is a very weighty argument for large investors. Another advantage of cooperation with this particular robot is that this robot is provided for FREE, including through an affiliate program - this means that you can earn not only on trading a robot in the forex market, but also on the broker’s PARTNER PROGRAM simply by sharing information with people about that there is such a tool, you can get it and use it to earn money! RoboForex broker has one of the best partner conditions because for us they are MAXIMUM!

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Frequently asked Questions

1) And how much to invest?
For the full-fledged operation of the trading robot, the size of the deposit must be at least $200. All money is only on your account and is only under your control. The average yield per month is around 8-20%, regardless of the amount of the deposit.

2) And what is always successful?
Of course, not all orders (transactions) are always closed with a profit, this theoretically cannot be achieved, but the algorithm of the robot works in such a way that positive trades eventually cover all unprofitable ones.

3) What are the guarantees?
You need to understand that this is trading on the Forex market, and not a bank deposit, and no one can give one hundred percent guarantees here, because this area is very dynamic and changeable, and that is why excess income is possible in it. If you are a person who cannot afford to risk at least part of his financial assets, then it is better not to get involved with this type of investment, but to put your money, for example, in a bank. Automated Forex trading is a highly profitable but also highly risky activity.

4) And exactly all the money can be withdrawn?
Yes. There are no withdrawal limits. But keep in mind that if you decide to withdraw all the money from the balance at once, then you need to suspend trading (opening transactions) and wait until all transactions are closed and the amount involved in trading is returned to the balance. Money can be withdrawn to the same details from which the trading balance of the forex broker or cryptocurrency was replenished.

Free consultation

5reasons why people recommend working with our team

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We are simple and open people.Вы можете сначала познакомиться со мной, прежде чем делать инвестиции.

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We have nothing to hideAll the information you can check online, there are no screenshots drawn and invented figures.

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We are responsibleWe do not promise mountains of gold and that which is not in reality.

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Reputation is important to usTherefore, we sell exactly what we are confident in and what we use ourselves.

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Most of the workday we are onlineYou can always write and get an answer to your question.

How much does a trading robot cost?

Prices are in the table. For normal operation of a trading robot, a deposit of $ 200 is required. Access to the trading account and money is only for you. You can withdraw money from your trading account at any time.

Our offers Price
Forex trading robot AziMuthBot Gold 150$
Forex trading robot AziMuthBot Pro 
Consultation, configuration and launch Is free
Robot and settings updates Is free
Rent a remote server (VPS) for a month  3$

What need to do

  1. робот советник форекс заработать инвестиция 2018Leave a request on the siteContact any contact specified on the site or leave your
  2. робот советник форекс заработать инвестиция 2018Get answers For any questions
  3. робот советник форекс заработать инвестиция 2018Register with a broker Deposit account replenishment. Setting up the MT4 terminal and trading robots on the VPS
    (can help)
  4. робот советник форекс заработать инвестиция 2018Watch your profit Using any device connected to the Internet

Action plan

1) Register with a broker RoboForex
2) Creating a trading account ProCent deposit of $ 200.  Next, you need to send a scan of your passport to verify your account (to withdraw funds you will need to go through verification)
3) Payment for a trading robot in one of convenient ways (Visa, Master Card, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank (card, cash in))
4) Applications are processed within 24 hours.
5) Order a remote server rental (VPS) and install a terminal with your robot (any help is provided on our part)
6) After successful account verification, top up the balance of the trading account
7) Set up a trading robot in the MT4 terminal and start trading.
8) Install the application on the phone to monitor the trade.
9) We add you to all closed chat rooms and groups.

There are 2 registration options:

1) I register you myself, only need the data for registration (first name, surname, mail and telephone)

2) You register yourself with a broker RoboForex, indicate my partner code: fhcx and send us the number of the created trading account in any way

More detailed instructions for registering and launching the robot HERE

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